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This is the second time I’ve used you for a conference and the second time I’m extremely happy. As you know, a lot of our customers and the Servnet people saw you do a put-on 2 years ago, so initially, I was concerned if it could work for the same people.
Well, not only did you do a great job writing new material, but the wig fooled everyone for you to pull off another hit. Your presentation was a terrific success.
Bob Mcconkey, Servnet (Auto Auctioneering)
Your talk about the steamship industry took our people completely by surprise. It was great watching their faces as they slowly realized you were an impostor. The laughter just flowed! Your utilization of key industry terms and key staff members was priceless. It was the perfect thing to follow a full day of dry meetings. I look forward to using you again soon.
Roy Winograd - VP, HUAL (Steamship Industry)

Your timing, delivery and content, before a very sophisticated audience, were extremely humorous, topical, and tasteful. I would recommend you to any group that wishes to engage an extremely funny and intelligent humorist.

Peter Wallis, Chairman, Calgary Airport Authority
As you know, the roast for our retiring president of Choice Hotels was a huge deal. We wanted to make everything as perfect as we could, particularly considering he didn’t know about it. We’ll now that it’s over, thank you for doing an outstanding job.
Your customization was terrific, as was your ability to create very funny material about the company, its executives, and particularly our “roastee.” I want to thank you for reviewing everything ahead of time to make sure that there were no sensitivities touched upon.
As a result, you delivered a wonderfully funny and touching tribute to Chuck that everyone enjoyed. You helped make a great night even more memorable. Thanks for a great job!
Sarah Wingfield, Choice Hotels