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Harry – Thanks again. I spoke to many of the attendees after the event and everyone had great feedback on your presentation.

Dave Wong – COO, Intrepidus Group (Cybersecurity Services)


Dear Harry,
I want to thank you for an outstanding presentation at our recent FS-ISAC Annual Member Meeting and Conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Your presentation took many, if not all, of our attendees by surprise. They are still talking about it! Those present were very impressed with your delivery and enjoyed your humor and the entertainment you provided. It was wonderful to see the laughter in the room and the atmosphere you created definitely fit in with our networking and collaboration mission. All of us especially enjoyed how you poked fun of key Board members based on the profiles that I provided you.

I also wanted to express my gratitude to customizing your presentation to fit the cyber security mission of the FS-ISAC. Your research of technical terms and how you used them in your talk in hilarious juxtapositions with common language was particularly effective.

William B. Nelson,
President & CEO: FS-ISAC
(Financial Services, Information Sharing and Analysis Center)