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Thank you so much for a great performance for our California and Nevada Land surveyors Association meeting. As you know, we felt it was important to give our members some laughs to help lighten their load

With that in mind, you delivered in aces. You fooled everyone into believing you were an expert on our industry, and then you got everyone rolling with laughter. I was most impressed with the amount of customization you did about what we do, as well as the jokes you made about some of our members that made it seem as if you were for real.

You definitely created a buzz afterwards about how funny and entertaining it was.

Matt Gingerich, President,
Nevada Assn of Land Surveyors

Harry Freedman was a fantastic addition and to our annual client meeting. Our guests were amazed by his ability to incorporate many intricate details about our industry and our company into his comedy routine.

His “put-on” format was the perfect way to add some spice and a bit of levity to our program. His performance kept everyone who attended on their toes and engaged for the rest of the day.

Dave McCrystal,
Keane (Unclaimed Property Consulting)

Thank you for the wonderful job you did at our annual awards dinner this year. I received terrific feedback as people came up to me and said how much they enjoyed your “speech”. And the crowd was obviously enjoying themselves at the event – you had them laughing for over 45 minutes. Some of the audience was still waiting for you to get to the serious expert material even near the end of your speech, which just made the whole thing funnier, and a continued conversation topic.

Since the event, the positive feedback has continued to flow from the members, both informally, and through our post event satisfaction surveys. I also want to thank you for the obvious effort and time you put in to preparing for the event. It was clear that you had put in many hours of work tailoring a keynote that would resonate with our audience. And it did.

I also was very appreciative of the professional manner in which you conducted yourself getting ready for the event. You were always very courteous, prompt with responses, and helpful and accommodating with respect to logistics. It was a pleasure working with an experienced speaker who takes the time to develop a targeted presentation, and who knows how to fit in to different types of events. Again thanks for making our annual awards a success.

Vince Brescia, President & CEO, FRPO ,
Federation of rental housing in Ontario

Thank you for an outstanding job performing at our corporate awards event. Your routine was creative, very funny and above all it really hit the mark in terms of being industry specific. Your delivery was flawless and the ‘Put-on” as industry expert Dr. Schneider had people guessing, “who is this guy?” up to the very last minute.

Your material was clever, never rude, and clearly showcased the effort you devoted to researching our firm and the residential real estate industry. Once again, thank you for a great job!

Lawrence Finn, III, COO,
Coach Realtors

The jokes about our people are still flying around, and I’m also especially glad I opted for the interview video.

Molly Thiel - VP,
GB Home Equity