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Project Description

Yucca Mountain


Why Was Harry Hired?

From the time nuclear power plants were begun, one of the biggest problems has been what to do with the radioactive waste.

After hiring Harry for an event celebrating the shutdown of the Yankee Nuclear Facility in Hanover New Hampshire, Rich Kacich went to work for The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository, which included companies like Bechtel and Sandia National Lab.

The personnel there were under tremendous stress trying to meet government deadlines so they could successfully transport all the nuclear waste in the US to be placed beneath the mountain for safe storage for thousands of years.

Rich decided it was time to bring in Harry.

How Did Harry Prepare?

With Rich’s help, Harry added fresh material specifically about the Yucca Nuclear Waste Facility to some of material he had previously developed for the Yankee Nuclear show.

What Happened At The Event?

Harry was introduced as a top official from the Department of Energy with new rules and regulations.

The 800 people in the audience went home in a great mood. Laughter is the best medicine when a company is under serious deadlines. Harry was able to give everyone time to relax and laugh.


Harry, Your performance was just what the doctor ordered.  As you know, we are under serious deadlines to get approval for licensing and everyone is pretty strained right now. Your show got everyone laughing so hard; I think we may have coaxed an extra week of overtime from our workers.

I’ve now used you twice, once at Yankee Atomic, and now for the Yucca Mountain Nuclear repository, and I couldn’t be happier. Your customization is unbelievable, and the amount of hilarious nuclear jokes you wrote made it sound like you were really a DOE expert.

The 800 people in the audience went home in a great mood. I would recommend that any company or association that wants to have a fantastic time – call Harry.  It’s not often that management gets unsolicited rave reviews for turning an event expected to be boring into such a memorable occasion.

Rick Kacich , Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Facility
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