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Project Description

Rabbi Marriage Renewal Ceremony


Why Was Harry Hired?

Larry and Arlene Goldinger were about to celebrate their 25th anniversary and wanted to renew their marital vows. They also wanted to have fun and surprise their guests. When they found Harry they realized they could both.

How Did Harry Prepare?

Harry sat down with Larry and Arlene and gathered information about their lives, family, friends and careers. He scripted his material based on the concept that he would play a real Rabbi renewing their wedding vows.

What Happened At The Event?

The event was held at an actual Temple, and following cocktails and appetizers, the Goldingers’ guests moved into the synagogue where Harry stood at the podium. When Harry announced that that he was doing a marriage renewal ceremony, there was a warm reaction from the crowd. Harry also announced that before doing the ceremony, he wanted to say a few words about the couple. He then proceeded to tastefully roast the Goldingers and closed with a mock renewal ceremony at the end.


Dear Harry: Your fantastic portrayal of a Rabbi for our marriage renewal ceremony was one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen. When our friends and family saw you with your tallus and yamaka, they had no clue what was coming.
Your ability to carry yourself convincingly as a rabbi was amazing. What was even more amazing was the way you threaded your jokes about us while still having everyone believe that you were going to perform a real ceremony.
As you got them laughing harder and harder, your delivery was so perfect and your jokes were so dead on about Larry and me, it was very hard for us to keep a straight face.
You had our audience completely convulsing in laughter. They were stunned that anyone, let alone a rabbi, had done so much homework about us and was so funny. Needless to say, the mock ceremony was also hysterical.
When it over, we got the most amazing comments from everyone that we have ever received. The phone calls, e-mails, texts are NON-stop and continue to come in. We always get the polite but sincere “had a great time comments” but these are CLEARLY over the top; some bringing tears to the eyes.
Lou F. (who rarely laughs at comedy because he thinks he is better) was hysterical from you. And Johnny B said it is the best party he has ever been to in his life; many saying better than any wedding they have ever attended; unique, extraordinary, superb, unbelievable; fabulous, fantastic are just a few more adjectives in many of the notes and calls.
It was also a pleasure getting to know you. To say you are a professional would be an understatement.
Arlene and Larry Goldinger
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