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Project Description

International Association of Speaker Bureaus


Why Was Harry Hired?

In 2010, Harry got a phone call from Shawn Ellis of the Speakers Group Agency. Shawn’s agency was in charge of choosing talent for the International Association of Speaker Bureau’s National conference in NY that year, and he asked Harry to do a put-on for the agents. Harry knew that many, if not all the agents attending were aware of his put-ons, and requested permission to create a humorous video instead.

How Did Harry Prepare?

Initially, Harry wasn’t sure what kind of video would entertain lecture agents who worked with Presidents, Fortune 500 coos, celebrities, and other household names. Then he went to what does best, which is targeted customized humor. So he created a parody of what it was like working with the bureaus AS a professional speaker.

What Happened At The Event?

The video was a big hit and Harry received numerous compliments about his customization. Harry’s sponsor for the event, Shawn Ellis also received excellent feedback about the video.

Testimonials in the Industry

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