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Miscellaneous Industries & Groups

That was fun! When we hired you for our SOCMA annual meeting at the Crowne Plaza in NY, we wanted something different and your corporate comedy put-on seemed like a good fit.

Once we started working with you, we saw how specific material you created about our industry and people, and both the quality and quantity of both was extremely impressive. Your jokes were very very funny. We also appreciated that you made a point of reviewing your speech ahead of time.

When you finally spoke after dinner, our audience of about 350 chemical folks obviously assumed you were the White House expert on safety and the environment that was stated in your introduction.

Your presentation was a great way to build team morale, break down social barriers, and have a few laughs after a long day. Thank you again for a job well done.

Even as you posed as this expert, you got everyone laughing right from the start without breaking character. Somehow you managed to blend your deadpan delivery and your incredible research of our industry and terminology, with your sharp funny jokes that had everyone rolling.

As the laughter grew, I would say most people were wondering when you were finally going to get down to business, and the good news is, you never did. You should know that folks in the chemical industry are not necessarily the easiest laughers; as one who was in the know, it was a blast to watch our attendees reactions and we were all very impressed by your ability to keep them going throughout your entire performance.

I could tell by watching and working with you, that your experience and talent are ideally suited for your line of work. You are a true pro and it was a pleasure working with you and I would recommend you for any group, business, or industry that wants to have an entertainer who brings added value your homework and comedy put-on persona.

Sandra Lehrer
Senior Manager, Meetings & Programs
, Society Of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates

Your delivery was terrific…I was awed at how you were able to weave a speech tailored to our company.

Harry Holton – VP, Westpoint Stevens (Textiles)

We all are tired of standard routine acts. I understand how hard it is to perform for a group of 700 people, with completely diverse background. You are truly amazing at what you do. We gave you very little material to work with, but you did your own research on my company and dug up everything you needed to put on a great performance.

The chairman of the company took you for one of the expert psychologist specializing in construction issues. He nearly fell off his chair when he realized that you were a hired hand. Next morning he said, “yours was the best performance he had seen in the last 10 years.”

Some of the employees are still making references to your performance. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a creative, unique, personalized and custom tailored entertainment for their corporate event.

Yogen Patel - Exec. VP, HITT Contracting

That was amazing! You went on late at night for our group of emergency/contingency planners after a very long day of serious meetings and you blew them away! You had our most hardened veterans – some very dry and serious people – laughing nonstop for your entire 45-minute presentation. Everyone thought it was sensational. You were the highlight of our entire weekend!

Your customization about our members and contingency planning was inspiring in its depth and made it that much more convincing and funny. Even during our cocktail hour and dinner preceding your performance, you were a convincing expert in our field. Just fantastic!

I thought you’d be entertaining when I hired you. I had no idea you were going to leave us hurting from the laughter.

I would hire you again in a minute and recommend you for any company, association or group that wants the greatest expert in ‘their’ field to give them a laughter break they won’t soon forget.

Dr. Ed Goldberg ,
Assn. Contingency Planners & NE Utilities

Thank you so much for the terrific job you did entertaining at our Associated Pest Services conference in Manhattan. I know it was very early in the morning, which makes the big laughs you received from our members even more impressive and a great way to start off our day.

As you know, I saw you at the National Pest Management Association a number of years ago, and I was extremely impressed with your ability to convince everyone that you were really an expert in pest management, while simultaneously getting everyone laughing, and once again, you proved that you are a master of the comedy put-on.

I have gotten excellent feedback from our members who all thought it was a wonderful surprise to get us into a good mood for the rest of our more serious meetings, and I would recommend you to anyone that wants a true professional to entertain at their conference.

I especially appreciated all the hard work you did in creating original material about our industry and our members that made it even more enjoyable. Thanks again Harry. You hit a home run!

Leonard Douglen - Executive Director, Associated Pest Services

Your reputation as a put-on does not do you justice. And taking on the task of M.C. with a script handed to you only minutes before going on is hard enough, but to be able to improvise takes a special talent. You were great!

Nelson Colvin, California Landscape Contractors Association