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Thanks so much for a great job. You certainly captivated our audience of some 800 people. You had them laughing and repeating your comments all week long at the conference. What a terrific way to start this very important seminar. Too Funny!
It took awhile before the audience even knew you were not a “corporate guru” and expert. It was just great, and we truly appreciate your including us in the customizing of your presentation. This was a great feature you provided us ensuring acceptance of your comments/jokes by all attendees.
The jokes and comments about individuals in our organization were very funny and well received. We could tell they were very happy to be included and to be part of the joke. What else can I say, it was just great and we appreciate all of your efforts, and thank you for your professionalism. It was indeed a pleasure.

Dan Fitzgerald, President,
IASIU, Insurance Fraud Investigators

Your performance was a big hit!

Debra Weiser - VP,
St. Paul Travelers

Thank you for your entertaining presentation. We, as well as the conference attendees at our World Captive Forum conference, thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Lisa Ferrier,
World Captive Forum Insurance

Your ’speech’ at our annual meeting surprised and entertained our audience at the same time!

Tom O’Dowd,
Alliance of American Insurers