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Harry Freedman has received a full page profile in the New York Times Business Section for his hilarious customized corporate put-ons and videos, and has been written up in numerous recent articles in Newsday. He has appeared on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and can be seen in theaters as Ray Romano’s opening act. He has been performing Stand-up Comedy for 27 years and Corporate Imposters for 17.

Customized Corporate Put-ons Customized Corporate Video Interviews + Video Conference wrap-ups Emcee - Stand-up Comedy Speechwriting (toasts, punch-ups) Speaker Coaching
New Consultant, New VP, Government Official, Attorney, Doctor, Accountant, National Security Expert, Genealogist, Futurist, Tech Expert, Congressional Aide, Pharmacologist, Auto Designer, Chef, Corporate Psychologist, Strategic Planner, White House Liason to DOT, SEC, FEMA, NSA, IRS, DOE, Federal Reserve, etc.
MD, JD, PHD, MBA, BS, CPA, CBS, NBC, ABC, + many more.

June-July 2006
Jon Hall - Coca Cola
“Harry was everything we hoped for and more! His material and performance exceeded our expectations in every way. Our audience absolutely loved him. He was also a pleasure to work with, which not only made my job easier, but also making me look good to my superiors.
“I want to mention that Harry gave us complete peace of mind with professionalism over his content. As you might expect, at Coca Cola, we are sticklers about detail. So we really appreciated that Harry reviewed his speech ahead of time, enabling us to feel comfortable with everything he had written. He is truly talented, and I hope we can use him again sometime.”

Craig Johnson - Cadence “Thank you for your excellent presentation and delivery at our strategy meeting dinner. The audience was completely fooled, which was fantastic. I’ve had nothing but good feedback about your speech. People really appreciated the way you customized your content. I also want to apologize for the microphone problem and I really think you handled it professionally.”

Emily Crouch - Montgomery Chamber of Commerce
“Thank you for your performance at our 47th annual dinner. We continue to hear wonderful reviews about your act. It was truly and energizing way to end our long evening. Everyone was surprised by the amount of inside jokes you were able to incorporate, and you really had many of our audience members fooled for most of the night!
“This letter would be incomplete if I did not mention how much I enjoyed working with you leading up to the event. The reading gave me so much peace of mind. Your professionalism was outstanding before, during, and after the event.”

“Harry has always done an outstanding job. One of the reasons Harry is so successful, is because he really does his homework. I would recommend him for any event, showcase, meeting, or any other situation, with my highest praise.”

Rainey Foster, Vice President: Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau