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Thank you for your outstanding performance at our annual meeting. The crowd genuinely believed that you had just obtained a position as a top government official (as evidenced by the congratulations you received by one of the attendees later on!) Clearly, your many hours of preparation and personalization made for a convincing preparation.

It was a complete pleasure to meet and work with you Harry! All the best as you continue to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting, gullible crowds.

Kurt McMillan – VP Business Management CSA , Contract Services Association (government contracting)
Outstanding job. You were a great hit! The hoax worked beautifully and the feedback has been universally positive.
Jon Bacon, Northern California & Nevada Defense Attorneys
Thank you for the tremendous job you did performing at our recent retirement party for Stephen Allen. Your impersonation as an aide to the Governor and his representative to labor unions was ideal since one of Steve’s responsibilities was to lobby in Albany on our behalf.
The look on people’s faces as you slowly went from “legitimate” to comical was priceless. Some even thought you were risking your job by some of the outlandish comments directed at Steve, the Governor and the political scene in general until they finally caught on to the scam.
A good time was had by all that night and your performance added to it greatly
Robert Bird, Detectives Assn/County of Nassau Police Dept.