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Services for Corporate Events

EMCEE – Business Conferences

A great EMCEE. . .

1. Connects with the audience and makes them feel at ease
2. Acts as a guide to the event, knowing when to be serious and when to throw out a quip to lighten the mood
3. Keeps the event on schedule and handles unexpected mishaps or delays with grace and aplomb.
4. Ensures that the audience is alert and energized throughout set up each speaker for success.
5. Captures unexpected live moments and turns them into humor as appropriate.
6. Thoroughly prepares for every aspect of the meeting, including introductions and stage movement.
Harry has hosted numerous corporate events, training sessions, honorariums, and award banquets for Fortune 1000 companies and has emceed for thousands of comedy shows and private functions. As always, Harry customizes like crazy to keep it special, so will take good care of the activities onstage so you can take care of them offstage.

He has had the pleasure of introducing notables such as Robert Reich and Jose Feliciano.

Harry Freedman with Robert Reich at the MSI.

Comedy Put-On and Emcee

Robert Reich