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It is always difficult finding a suitable after dinner speaker for these events, particularly one who will be able to be funny to both the “Yanks” and the “Brits” in our mixed audience. Right from our first telephone call, I was impressed by your professionalism. Your preparation was excellent, and your delivery on the day fantastic.

I know that everyone in the audience found your “deep insights” into BAE Systems very impressive!!

Alan Jones - Project Manager ,
BAE Systems

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your hard work and the terrific entertainment that resulted. Your presentation was accomplished with painstaking research, artfully scripted and adeptly delivered. The skill with which you assimilated the magnitude of information from our interview was amazing. The specialized program you prepared was surprisingly personalized and insightful lending credibility to your presence that was well beyond my expectations, and thanks to your skillful delivery, no one was offended either.

You have afforded us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves without the disappointment that often accompanies the object of humor. A renewed sense of camaraderie was delivered to us that exceeded any motivational pretext of our meeting.

Several people have confronted me with their ashamed admittance of having been totally fooled. A couple of folks are still not sure if they have been had!

Thanks again for making ours such an outstanding success

Stephen K. Park, Raytheon Systems Company