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Corporate Comedy Put-Ons

Corporate Comedy Put-On Video

Can It Work For Any Group Or Organization?

ABSOLUTELY! Harry has performed his put-ons for virtually every industry and has convinced audiences that he is an expert in anything from healthcare to energy to sales and marketing. He has pretended to be anything from a White House advisor to a new Vice President of the company.

In each case, Harry’s put-ons are completely customized to the client’s need and situation. Sometimes the “spoof” takes the form of poking fun at a general topic you agree on with Harry; sometimes it’s poking fun at specific people that you and Harry select. In either case, you can rest assured it will be a hit with your group.

Location? Location? Location?

Harry has entertained for conferences outside the U.S. as well as for groups with international attendees from around the world. He has also performed for companies above the NY Stock Exchange and in the basement below Carnegie Hall, so he’s worked at the top of the financial world and at the bottom of the show business world. Regardless of the audience background, Harry is able to create material that is accessible and reachable to all.

Corporate Video Interviews  (filmed onsite)

KPMG Video Interview Put-On

Under the guise of doing a marketing survey, Harry interviews 5-6 attendees or executives who think he’s a real industry expert. After starting off with a few softball questions, Harry veers off into inquiries that either have no real answers or logically lead them into offbeat territory. The edited video usually gets played after his put-on speech.

Conference Video Highlights & Summary

Harry will video highlights of your entire conference, including workshops, general sessions, and individual interviews. He will capture the feel and flavor of your conference, but also add a healthy dose of humor. This video typically gets played toward the end of the event, but teasers can be played on a daily basis. This is a great way to close out a conference on a high note as well as to reinforce your conference messaging and themes.