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Client Benefits


Harry’s humorous ribbing about your industry, company and perhaps some of your key people, will have everyone laughing at shared understandings.  Strangers instantly connect, co-workers come closer, and barriers of rank disappear. There’s a glow that remains and fosters better communication and cooperation.

The laughter in the room and the atmosphere you created greatly helped our networking and collaboration mission.
William B. Nelson President & CEO, FS-ISAC

You had them laughing and repeating your comments all week long at the conference.
Dan Fitzgerald - President, IASIU

Your presentation was a great way to build team morale, break down social barriers,
and have a few laughs after a long day.
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Richard Girgenti , KPMG: US Partner in Charge, Forensic

Client Benefits


You gave our clients new energy and lightened the mood for their remaining workshops,
so they were able to stay fresh, having been reinvigorated by laughter!
Stacy Wiessner, Integra Technology

Everyone was pretty strained, as we were under serious licensing deadlines.
You got everyone laughing so hard, we may have coaxed an extra week of overtime from our workers.
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Rick Kacich, Yucca Mountain Nuclear

Client Benefits


Client’s love a company that’s able to laugh at itself.

So many folks said you really had made them laugh and realize what a fun bunch the TRMA members are.
Roberta Aronoff, TRMA Executive Director

Client Benefits


At KPMG Forensic, we are in the business of preventing and detecting fraud,
and much to my surprise, you were able to fool our top-notch investigators.
Richard Girgenti, KPMG: US Partner in Charge, Forensic

It was great watching their faces as they slowly realized you were an impostor. The laughter just flowed.
Roy Winograd, VP, HUAL